NYC: Dames Who Give Damns - Benefit for North Brooklyn Coalition

FEAT. Yucky Duster, The Shook Ones, FlirtClub, DJ Heavyflow, DJ PocketShark, Screaming Horses (Stephanie Garcia), Ella Desmond, Eforeffort, Denimindenial, Photos by girls of the Lower East Side Girls Club

Join us this February as we showcase a bunch of radical females, their music, and their art in an effort to support an amazing organization that provides comprehensive community-based services for domestic abuse survivors.

NYC: Post-March Postcard Party

Keep up the momentum of the march! Drop by Community Bookstore this Sunday to write a few postcards to your elected officials, talk to your neighbors, and plot next steps. We'll supply postcards, wine and snacks.

NYC: Planned Parenthood benefit concert


There will be a raffle and artwork for sale and maybe dancing, all to raise funds for an organization that will need it more and more with the rise of the anti-woman regime taking power in January!

NYC: Holy Mountain: Journey XXVII

FEAT. DICAP & BEARCAT, Gitoo, Ian Isiah, Jazzeppi Zanaughtti, Fernando Cerezo, L.A. Olympics, La'fem Ladosha, Raul Lopez DONNATELLA & KELLAM MATTHEWS, Fet Fet, Gage, Gio Rgi Mmjavanadze, Luke, Neocamp, Mateus Porto, AMRIT & CHAPMAN, Avie Acosta, Rbatzz, Sophia Lamar, You've Got No Male, CUPCAKKE, VIVA RUIZ + more

Inauguration weekend we call upon you to join together to march up the Holy Mountain with raised voices & raised fists.