We are a group of people who organize events. When we set out to plan one in Washington D.C. over inauguration weekend, though, we realized there were already a number of them in the works—it was more that people didn’t have a way to keep track. 

Rather than producing an inauguration event ourselves, we’re creating this listing site. Collective Consciousness will serve to connect cultural institutions and spaces, community organizers, artists and performers, and the people interested in participating in and supporting these events, under a single banner. By mapping out what’s happening, we’ll strengthen everyone’s reach.

Our goals with Collective Consciousness are to help organize and mobilize the cultural community in D.C. and beyond. We hope the events on this site make a statement about our collective vision for this country. We want to help support events that are wholly inclusive, illustrate the size and scope of our communities, and create an ongoing outlet and platform for political and social change through cultural and artistic expression.

Over the next four years, we’ll organize our own events, too. With those we hope to utilize arts engagement as a vehicle for the values that we hold most dear, and to promote a broad range of causes and issues that aim to inspire action.

Contact us at collectiveconsciousness.us@gmail.com.